Internet Research Tips

If you are going to be a great writer, you will want to have sufficient knowledge of your topic and that requires Internet research.  You might want to write about a topic that has never crossed your path before.  Believe it or not, you will be able to write about the unknown if you will…

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How Do I Write Long Articles?

Reading a long article is so easy when the author has invested time in the essential preparation for the writing phase. No one can sit down with a blank screen and just start rambling. Even the most experienced writers follow the writing process to ensure that the work is done before writing long articles. You…

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Why Can’t I Write?

Most talents imparted to people require some level of development of basic skills that will make the talent useful.  The ability to write requires training and practice. None of us can pick up a musical instrument for the very first time and resemble Chopin.  Anyone who can pick up an instrument and play has been…

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Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Membership

Marketing Strategies for Members

Launching your membership site might resemble the Grand Opening celebration of a traditional store. Imagine the preparation and effort you would invest in telling everyone you know to be there on that day. People get excited when something new is coming and they have been invited to participate. You organize every aspect of the inventory,…

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How to Map Out Your Membership Site

Getting finished is an important part of launching your membership site and being ready for members. But first, you must consider the finer points of organizing your content over the long term. The initial site is very easy to design. In truth, that is the easiest stage because you can see that first phase in…

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