How Much Hassle Are You Fighting
Every Time You Order Printed Materials?

Forms, Brochures, Flyers, Signs - Print Demands Your Time


Wishing for a print service that removes all of the hassle?

You deserve the absolute best print service so that all of your ideas can come to life in step with your business activities.

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Can You Endure the Hassle?

Does This Describe Your Experience?

Business Impacts

  • Response time behind your schedule
  • Good quality print, but not amazing
  • Rushed orders required
  • Business events limited by print service
  • Unpredictable turnaround intervals
  • Fair results from print items

Feeling Unimportant

  • Not valuable enough for timely response
  • Mediocre ideas affect print products
  • Money is more important than results
  • Minimal time conveys inconvenience
  • Wonder how other customers are treated
  • Missing out on opportunities in print

What Does Poor Print Service Cost Your Business?

Your business ideas require superior print products to support your brand image. 
Without timely response, definite limits are imposed on your business growth and reach.


Your best ideas are impossible when you cannot get started immediately!


Printed materials create assumptions about your
business services!


Your best ideas are impossible when you cannot get started immediately!

Dream of a New Day

Imagine a Print Service that Consistently Offers:

  • Prompt Response on Your Timeline
  • Creative Ideas for Print Items
  • Superior Quality that Strengthens Your Brand
  • Innovative Solutions to Your Challenges
  • Valuable Insights to Develop Your Ideas
  • Promotional Products for Every Occasion
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Attention that Conveys Your Value

Your New Day Has Arrived

Print Products

When good, is just not good enough! Your professional image is on full display in your
printed materials.


Timely Response

When good, is just not good enough! Your professional image is on full display in your
printed materials.

Innovative Ideas

You might have a great idea that just needs some development to become something amazing!
Let's get started!

Valuable Insights

Gain access to my business experience through our interactions about your business. Great materials will result.

Promo Products

You've seen them, but never thought about using something with your brand to remind people to stay in touch.

Get to Know Mialei


Over the years, I have noticed the constant growth of my writing pen collection. One can never have enough pens. I have always loved the written word and enjoyed creating striking print products for every possible business situation.
Years in Corporate America gave me exposure to some of the best tools for designing and creating informative reports and presentations that are visually appealing.
Today, I get to spend my days with my beloved clients who run businesses of all kinds while I save their time and provide print materials beyond their expectations.
When you are ready for a great print service that meets your business needs in a timely manner, contact me!

Is This Coming Into Focus?


“I believe in a visual language that should be as strong as the written word.” 

~ David LaChapelle

What You Can Expect

Prompt Response

Phone calls and messages are answered within the same business day
whenever possible.

Attentive Listening

Our discussions are about your business and
the view you have for using print as a useful tool.

Honest Dealings

Truth and integrity are the foundation of my business. Your trust means the world to me in everything.

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