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The Tube Equation

The days of creating a video and “only hoping” for a position in the Top 5 slots on YouTube and Google are long past. Today, every video must match all kinds of rules set forth by YouTube and Google. You might feel as though the reason for constant changes to the rules is random. The…

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Videos Tell Stories

Adults and children love to listen to stories even when no lesson is embedded in the scenes. Classic books and movies have stood the test of time because of the characters, settings and plots that take us into another world. We choose our favorites over all the others because we enjoy traveling to far away…

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Ways to Make a Video

Your attempt to create the next viral video could be a tremendous waste of time and energy. Instead, why not capture your ideas with the goal of telling a great story. When you watch videos, you might not realize that the best videos tell a story that holds your attention. The method used to make…

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Countless Reasons to Cloak Affiliate Links

Every time I notice a comment from someone arguing against cloaking affiliate links, I just have to wonder how well this person understands the risks of raw links. Writing this post allows me to drive home some points without making an enemy unnecessarily. I just want people to understand the importance of taking every possible…

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Organize Research Material

Online research can seem overwhelming if you have never attempted to gather a broad array of information from various sources and then organize research material to include the most important findings.  Your research will be easier when you use the tools at hand to keep track of your progress.  As you work through search results…

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