Do I Have Anything to Offer?

help-othersAt times, I feel like the proverbial “high-school freshman” again because I have so much to learn.  As I look around, I see people who have mastered complex processes and created masterful products to teach other people.   In recent weeks, I have discovered some of the ways to improve my   business and move up the learning curve.  Every day brings another set of tasks that must be completed to sustain my progress.

I still wonder if there are ways that I can help the people who have taught me so much.

Purchase with Purpose

Time passes quickly, and I am discovering that I have the need for various tools and software packages. Acquiring what I need offers me the opportunity to learn creative ways to use those purchases for the benefit of others.  Lately, I have been working with a miracle worker who continues to teach me and invest his time. As I make purchases, I will be asking him for his affiliate links. I have wanted to find ways to say “thank you” to repay his kindness and patience with me.

Answer Questions

I do have an extensive professional background that continues to support my desire to help others. No one can debate my experiences that have helped me through previous situations. Answering questions is one of the most important ways for people to know me better.  Mistakes that I have made offer the perfect opportunity to guide other people around the same obstacles and pitfalls. One of the hardest aspects of the online world is knowing what to share and with whom.

Pair Up to Help

Mentors always need students. Sometimes the people who are so far ahead of me in some ways, also need the skills that I have mastered. Walking alongside someone else allows me to start out as a student.  I learn all that I can and then reach out to someone else to teach that person as a mentor. Teaching others will take my learning to the next level.  Finally, I might find a partner for a project that requires a complementary set of skills to my own. I think sometimes we start out looking for a business partner when we are uncertain of the ways in which we can help others.  The beginning of the process is to be the student.

Help Anyone You Can

Asking a question is one of the most useful actions anyone can take.  My first supervisor said that he learned more about me from my questions than from any other interaction.  At first, I really did not understand what he meant, until I had a team of my own.  Anyone who wants to become an expert on a given topic will ask a lot of questions and look for people who want to make the journey together.  Helping other people is one of the best parts of being in business. Working together requires patience and openness that causes all of us to give more than we could otherwise.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
~ Napoleon Hill


  • Hi Mialei

    I know what you mean. I’ve learned such a lot from so many people, yet the new challenges just keep coming, as fast as I get through the last one. It’s relentless.

    At the moment, after my family problems, I’m having a bit of a chill period and maybe a change of direction. It just seems impossible to compete or keep up with all the product releases – so I’m not going to even try 🙂 I have a lot of paid work to keep me busy and I may feel more inspired after I’ve done that.

    I’m sure your mentor gets great pleasure from seeing how you and your business have grown over the past few months. I hope I have helped one or two people too, so I know it can be very rewarding. I will always be ready to help anyone I can because I had so much help too.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

  • Mialei Iske

    Hi, Joy,

    I have been surprised at the people who have just come alongside to walk with me. The ones who never expect anything offer the most guidance without realizing it. And yes – you have helped me in many ways that you will never know! The offer still stands . . .

    Thanks for stopping by.
    — Mialei

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