How to Pass Out Brochures

Your printed brochures can attract much-needed attention to your company or organization. In the coming weeks, you could reach the target audience who is looking for your products and services. Imagine placing a brochure in the hands of a person who wants more information. A well-written brochure does the work for you!

What should your brochure do?

Answer the FIVE Ws – Who What When Why Where


Meet the Owner is a great section for telling your story and why you chose your business. Even if you are just starting out, your life events have brought you to this place. Share your story while reminding your prospect of the best products and services available.


As you describe your products and services, you will want to use simple terms and avoid jargon. We always assume that other people know what we do and why they need what we offer. Ask some people to read your descriptions to see if people understand without your help.


Timing is important in most businesses. If you offer special services, your clients will need to know how much lead-time you would need to fill orders and keep appointments. Seasonal items require special attention since manufacturers want orders months in advanced. Services, such as print, require some lead time for the steps in the process.


Reviews and customer comments are invaluable when you want to know how you are perceived in the marketplace. You know what you offer, but you do have you ever named your ‘secret sauce.’ In the sea of similar businesses, why do your customers return?


While a printed brochure has your physical address, your online presence can work for you if your customers know where to visit. Daily or weekly updates will reach your prospects and existing clients when everyone visits your social media pages. The ongoing conversation allows you to maintain contact and grow your following.

Decide Who You Are Trying to Reach

Even if you could print unlimited brochures, can your team handle the activity generated, not just in sales, but in questions? An unlimited budget allows you to throw brochures everywhere, somewhat like casting seed into your tilled soil.

In reality, you already know your objective.

Business growth requires publicity to the right people at the right time. Once you know how much additional business you can handle, you will know how to approach this project.

Maybe you are looking to reach:

Seasonal tourists

Certain age groups

People with resources

Unreachable groups

Creativity is more important than thousands of brochures that will be wasted.


Reflect on this advertising story:

Print used to be extremely labor intensive and very expensive.
Television commercials were the
source of company growth in major industries.

During Saturday morning cartoons, cereal commercials filled
every program break because the audience
was packed with the target market.

Sugar-loving children.

Supermarkets cooperated by placing sugary cereals
on the bottom shelves.

Parents either bought the sugary cereals or
dragged a crying youngster out of the store.


You might be concerned that you cannot have such a captive audience, but with some creativity, you can reach the people who need information in printed form.

How Many Brochures Should I Print?

Your print quantity is an important factor when you are wanting to reach your target audience to grow your business. Now that you know your audience and what you want your brochure to do for you. . .

Consider these important factors:

  • Cost per brochure drops dramatically after 1,000
  • One new sale might cover the entire cost of your brochures
  • Refuse to do this work yourself
  • Search for a package price that includes design & print

Where Can Your Find a Print Package?


You Really Need a Brochure Army

Maybe the thought of passing out 1,000 brochures scares you to death. The truth of the matter is that you don’t want to be responsible for passing out your brochures. You found your current clients, so take a few brochures everywhere you go.

In addition, you will want to make a list of people who venture into places that you cannot go.

  • Best clients – they know amazing people just like them
  • Staff & families – children are great at getting attention from people in your target market
  • Related businesses – tourist brochures are always in hotels. What similar locations could you leverage?

Creativity will save time and reach places you never dreamed were open to you. Other people are always willing to assist great business owners.

Set a deadline for those who take brochures and ask them to return any brochures that are not given directly to someone.

What is stopping you from getting your current brochure redesigned and updated?

Maybe you don’t know where to go