Is Print Still Relevant?

From the earliest days of the Information Age, many people predicted that paper would no longer be used in the same way. The future looked as though every image and work document could be stored and utilized inside computer software.

Every work process would follow a series of steps inside the software and reports would be viewed online.  Work in every field would migrate from paper to computer!

No more printing forms, records and mail would disappear.

That prediction could not have been more inaccurate.

Today, computers have become the major source of printed material for every type of information used in business, industry and education. Instead of printing what we need, computers can print on demand whenever we have an idea that we want to share. Reams of paper can be run through high-speed printers in seconds.


In the effort to control access to private information, we store client histories in secured locations. Once the data is input, the printed form is shredded. In some industries, loss of control over the data can be very costly.

Every aspect of the back office, accounting, billing, purchasing and collections can be managed and monitored electronically. We still send bills and reminders to our clients, but records are no longer maintained in massive binders. The software tracks the series of tasks required to complete entire business processes.  Electronic transmissions are the primary source of input for these systems.


Print plays a significant role in gathering information and proving compliance with legal requirements and financial standards that must be met. There is no way to avoid use of print to support your business operation. Consistent results for your clients and employees will come about when your printed materials support every process and procedure.


Since the days of The Pony Express, people have taken the time to write notes and letters on paper. Time was required to move that physical item from one location to another. Today, we write and send notes in email and receive an answer almost immediately. Sometimes reactions are written and sent before a thought was ever formed.

Simplicity has affected quality and clarity since the printed word remains on an electronic screen. Temporary copies have less impact than the carefully crafted letters and documents that were drafted at the founding of nations.

Multiple forums have appeared to allow us to express our opinions to the masses without much effort. We call this ‘Social Media’ – but we notice that very few social skills are practiced. Every printed item you publish will have at least one of your social media links. Most of your posts will live for a few hours on a screen and then vanish into oblivion.

In the 21st century, you can operate your entire business from your mobile phone. On your printed business cards, your mobile number is more effective than your office phone number. People expect to reach you instantly. Anyone who hates interruptions will miss out on the fast-pace world of business deals and adventures.


Without a healthy advertising budget, you will become known through print media. People will remember your flyers, brochures and forms for many different reasons. Your printed materials will travel far and wide. Anyone who sees the words and graphics on the page will make assumptions about you and your business.

Your estimate form, contract form or invoice could live in your client’s file drawer for many years to come. Every encounter with your company will be preserved for future reference. Once that client finds your form, he will remember what you did for him. Repeat business is the highest compliment anyone can pay your business.

What message is your printed material sending?


High quality goods and services can be provided to every one of your clients when your printed forms guide your team to complete the work the same way every time. Customers will trust your business when you are able to trust your team to deliver results every time.

All of us have favorite stores, professional service providers and skilled laborers that we trust to sell what we want and need. We tell everyone to go to our favorite places because we love to help our friends and family.

When you offer consistently excellent results, your friends, family members and customers will be able to send you more business than you can handle. Imagine having an endless supply of new customers just because you started out with great printed materials to support the delivery of your goods and services.


At the outset of your business, you might have purchased a standard form that somewhat worked for your business. As time passes, that form has more notes than original print. Your team has to write more and more info around the edges of the form.

A redesigned form is necessary to continue to deliver the best products and services to your customers. Your team would save countless hours if you had someone to help you redesign the form that supports your business processes and procedures.



Maybe you believe that the form could never be improved or the whole process would cost a fortune. Your current form is already costing you a fortune in productivity and inconsistent results. Every member of your team has some ideas about how to improve your forms.

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