Something is Better Than Nothing

Whatever quick fix you implemented to fill a need might be hanging around and creating headaches for you and your staff. Maybe you had someone type up your thoughts into a quick form or flyer. At the time, you had planned to come back and create another version when you had the time.

Every time you look at that ‘quick fix,’ you promise yourself that you are going to take care of it ‘soon!’



Your growing business needs your attention and you just do not have time to write down your thoughts and have those printed materials redesigned. Instead, you continue to make a few notes on each copy that you use.

Power of the Written Word

Most likely, you know that your business image is not represented well by those in-house materials. If you had the time to take care of this task, you probably wouldn’t have the cash you need to do so.

People are making an assumption about your business capability. Your brand image will change instantly when you pass out superior print materials. No matter what business you have, you want to leverage the power of the words on the page.

Your business has evolved to offer additional options and other models of your services and products. Over time, the forms and brochures have become unusable because all of the information was not added.

Now, all of your printed materials are out of date
with respect to your evolving business.

What can you do about this?

Even if you have noticed that your forms and brochures are outdated, and you have made notes for the changes you need, where could you turn to have the changes made and new forms printed.

Won’t this cost a fortune?

Who could help you with the new formatting and additional content that would provide valuable answers to your customers and prospects? You don’t even know who to ask.

Maybe if you called one of the hundreds of local print shops. If you did this, you would discover that most print shops only want to print your completely prepared, printable document.

You do not have the time or the skills to complete all of the pre-press steps, which include:

  • design of the new form or brochure
  • copywriting and word choice
  • photo selection
  • graphic design
  • print formatting

As a business owner, these activities will take you away from your existing business. All of your daily duties will wait for you while you are attempting to learn the skills involved in every step.

What is your time worth?

Imagine having access to someone who can take your ideas and suggestions to update your forms and brochures while you lead your business. You will have input and make the final decisions concerning content, images and style.

Where can you find this expert?

Cheap is Never Better

If you have ever had a customer demand that you lower your prices, you understand that competing on price is the road to disaster. All of us will pay fair prices for remarkable value and quality.

Printed materials are available from countless sources, but you will never be completely sure about the quality until your order arrives. Your money is replaceable, but should you ever have to worry about the quality?

Have you ever really stopped to consider the image your want your brochures, forms and flyers to convey to people?

Every business leader must decide the balance between intriguing and attractive versus too shiny and overdone.

Every printed item will travel further than you can imagine.

What will people assume about your business
without any input
from your other branded materials?

You really have one choice today!

Take action and have your printed materials updated, or hope that you can avoid the negative assumptions that customers and prospects will make when your outdated materials are presented.

The choice is very clear!