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The Tube Equation

The days of creating a video and “only hoping” for a position in the Top 5 slots on YouTube and Google are long past. Today, every video must match all kinds of rules set forth by YouTube and Google. You might feel as though the reason for constant changes to the rules is random. The…

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Videos Tell Stories

Adults and children love to listen to stories even when no lesson is embedded in the scenes. Classic books and movies have stood the test of time because of the characters, settings and plots that take us into another world. We choose our favorites over all the others because we enjoy traveling to far away…

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Should I Have a Membership Site?

Anyone who owns a membership site, in any niche, will tell you that the advantages are endless. Onlookers see the work involved without stopping to consider the advantages the owner realizes over time. Without considering money as the most obvious benefit, your thoughts about create a membership site should include the intrinsic ways that your…

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When All Else Fails: Watch a Video!

Balancing clients, projects and personal obligations becomes overwhelming when I attempt to organize my thoughts on the go.  Experience has shown me the need to pause, walk away from the computer and return to the basics. Task lists – As a former computer programmer, one would believe that I use electronic tools to track my…

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Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliates are regarded as great business partners who extend the reach of the internet marketers.  Most people know that affiliate marketers can multiply the sales of new products exponentially.  As an affiliate, you will want to refine your methods with these important tips.  Each one will ensure that your list of contacts appreciates receiving your…

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