Custom Forms Replace Mass-Produced Forms

In the early days of your business, you had great ideas and assembled the forms your business would use to support simple processes and procedures. As you reflect on those days, you know that the time you had then is just a distant memory.

Your business has evolved into a fast-moving operation where you spend all of your time addressing customer needs. There isn’t a spare moment in the day to make changes to something as simple as a form.

How Do You Know if Your Forms are Outdated?

Even if you believe your forms are adequate, you will want to see how those forms are used each day. Handwritten notes around the edges of your printed forms can indicate what information is needed, but lacks a place on your outdated form.

Dramatic changes in your business can leave your forms so far behind that no one will even use the forms. In this situation, you might be serving your customers with blank pages covered in notes. This is a drastic situation that must be addressed.

Without forms, you will not have sufficient information to order supplies, track customer needs or file taxes at the end of the fiscal year.

Another sure sign of outdated forms will come from your team when the conversation is packed with negative comments about the forms that are unusable.

As you can see, in a couple of these situations, you are going to want to take action right now.

Where Could You Find Someone to Update Your Forms?

Without some guidance, you won’t be able to find someone who can listen to your questions and make the changes according to your needs. Maybe you have someone else who knows the specific needs better than you do.

One detail you know for sure, paying a fortune for changes to your forms is just not an option. You want to know the cost and know which quantity will optimize your print cost per form. Imagine having enough information to make a good decision.

Over the next two days, take one of your outdated forms and a blank piece of paper. When you have a chance to gather your team, ask for comments from the people who will use the form. Consensus is the best way to ensure that everyone has buy-in when the new forms are printed.

Your business will run more efficiently because you will have forms that support your processes and procedures. Everyone will have the best tool for completing the work with less frustration.

Do not wait any longer.  {CLICK ON THE IMAGE}

What Should You Expect?

Design services can be the most expensive part of a project like this. Your suggestions and direction will be utilized to direct the design of your new form. This important activity is part of the services I offer to create your custom business forms.

Once the first draft of your form is finished, you will have the opportunity to review your new custom form and offer one round of updates. Your changes will be made and the form will be prepared for printing after your final approval.

Top-quality printing ensures that your forms will be useful for your team to complete work according to your standard processes. Cost of printing will be known before the work begins, so there will be no surprises.

Outdated Forms Cost You Even More

Customers are quick to notice anything that might be outdated on your printed materials. At times, words on a form can create misunderstandings with your customers. You will want to conduct careful reviews of your forms to avoid miscommunication when your products and services change.

New team members will attempt to use your outdated forms. Processes that do not match with your forms can cause mistakes for anyone who is not aware of the evolution that has occurred in the life of your business.

Customers will notice that some of your team members complete their work in one way, following the form, while others take a different approach. Your outdated forms will affect the customer experience and create inconsistent results.

As you can see, the cost of outdated forms is much higher than the actual monetary expense you would incur by contacting me today and starting the project which will include the redesign and printing of your forms.

Stay the Course At Your Own Peril

The Choice is Very Clear