How to Train Your Outsourcer

book cover b - care and feeding trimmedAt some point, business people become overwhelmed with the repetitive tasks that must be completed when running a business operation.  You may have reached this point and have decided to seek assistance from various experts, such as programmers, web designers and virtual assistants.

Your success with outsourcing is directly related to your ability to train these helpers.  Great results are possible when you train your outsourcer in your methods and processes.

  1. Create training materials – Documenting work processes is an important facet of your business even when you are the only person working in the operation.  You will be able to reduce the number of mistakes you make when you create checklists and instructions for each work flow.  These approach ensures that you remember the important steps since you will not complete every task very often.
  2. Use various formats – Videos and audios can be created to complement your written instructions.  Examples of the work you want completed can be used to train your outsourcers and remind each on that you have specific ways you want work completed.  This is especially important when you have part time assistants who work for other people.
  3. Employ products – Your purchases of applicable products can be used when you outsourcers need to know how to do something for your business.  These helpful training tools will save you time in explaining what you mean when the product includes great videos and documentation.

Make your training materials generic so that multiple people can use them to complete tasks.  Your processes can be implemented by anyone you hire without wasting your time if you will take the time to create some great teaching aids.  Remember to double check the work that is performed to verify the quality results from each person on your team.

Do you outsource work to people who are adept at using tools better than you can personally?

What are your experiences with outsourcing?

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— Mialei

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