Should I Have a Membership Site?

should I have a membership site?Anyone who owns a membership site, in any niche, will tell you that the advantages are endless. Onlookers see the work involved without stopping to consider the advantages the owner realizes over time. Without considering money as the most obvious benefit, your thoughts about create a membership site should include the intrinsic ways that your site could affect the life of your business.

Central Hub of Business

Every great act requires a stage for the audience to visit frequently for the enjoyment of the presentation. As a business owner, where do you present your ideas, products and services? Interest wanes when you provide open access to a site that includes everything you know without any investment from the visitors. Your membership site draws attention from the people who want to know more about your niche.

People are curious about anything that is just out of reach. Instead of glancing through your countless “free” webpages, your members will recognize the value offered in the exclusive sections of your site. Each membership level offers an elite feel to the person who wants to know more and gain insight to those hidden passages. As you offer new products, you will use the membership software to control access to each section of your website.

Niche Authority

Trust is built between the owner and the members as the information provided answers questions and solves problems. Learning is the common bond between people who are interested in the niche. Answers might be discovered over time since the depth of understanding continues to expand and the niche matures. No one person will have all the knowledge required. Consistent updates to your site will expand your reputation as the expert in the niche.

Members will be surprised to discover that you, as the owner, continue to develop your knowledge base and offer content as you learn. No one has to be the expert in the niche from the outset. Discoveries become the basis for your content updates each week, or month. People will spread the word that your site is the trusted authority on the subject. Frequent visits to your site will continue because members know that business growth is possible with your assistance.

Members Find Value

Everyone you meet will have a different idea about the features and benefits that any product or service offers. You might wonder if a membership is “worth all the headaches.” We all cringe at the thought of dealing with people who are vocal about their preferences. These fears tend to overshadow the thought that you will meet some really great people who trust you to help them in their own endeavors. Your best members will be people who ask great questions and offer ideas, usually without even realizing how much insight they are sharing.

You will be amazed to find that most of your members are working hard to succeed and enjoy having you there as a mentor and associate. Some of these great people will become friends and help you to expand your site and add even more value. Most of your loyal members will be your best source of new members because they believe in what you are doing, provide insight and guide your next steps. The few people who are verbal about every detail will wander off without your intervention.

Loyal Customer Group

Each time you decide to promote a product, as owner or affiliate, your members will look for your messages. Related products are offered to make certain that your members have the tools they need to expand and grow. Your response rates will be higher than average because you have a relationship with the people on your list. Those who stay on the fringes at first will move toward membership because of your messages.

Information will pass freely from your members to you because they view you as reachable and approachable. Ideas about your next product will come from your loyal customers who want to have you provide great solutions to their business challenges. Your responses to their ideas will create more interest in your site and secure your membership.

Steady Monthly Income

Many people think of this category as the most important “selling point” for owning a membership site. Offering the best possible membership benefits available precedes thoughts of the monthly income. Anyone who establishes a website strictly to make money will find that no amount of money or size of membership will ever be enough. Even people who are entirely motivated by money will find that monthly updates become a drudgery when you are unmotivated by the great people who provide those funds.

Maybe you will make millions on your membership site, but more likely you will make a comfortable income that provides funds for some of your other projects. Your enjoyment is just as important as the people who will come to you. Before long, you are enjoying their ideas and questions as much as they enjoy logging into the site on a regular basis.

Final Consideration

No one can predict how successful any membership site will be in the next year. I can promise you that without getting started you will never find the answers you are seeking. Maybe you are not the leading authority for any subject at this point, but you probably have interests in some areas that are perfect for your new membership site. As time passes, you will build your expertise and reputation in the niche.

The best approach is to get started today and see what happens as you find new members.

Do you have a membership site?

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