Shiny Objects Not Welcome Here!

shiny_objectCollecting shiny objects is the expensive habit of buying products and simply saving the files to “somewhere.” Nothing is more exciting than participating in a launch and gaining access to a great product and an amazing bonus. In business, each step to gather products should be based on the direction I want to take to achieve my dream. The problem arises when I forget about the plan and simply throw a few bucks at a product owner. My decisions can be expensive for my wallet and frustrating for my computer.

Careful Purchases!

In recent weeks, I have been implementing two of the courses for which I received “review access” from the owner. This gracious product owner knew that I had every intention of learning everything possible about his “babies” and providing feedback for him. Review access is so much more than adding FREE shiny objects to my collection.

My commitment is to use every product that I purchase or review. I may not continue to use each one, but the most important aspect of being profitable seems to be learning everything I can from so many people. Many of my recent discoveries have been about my own lack of knowledge about how the pieces fit together to make me able to earn money consistently.

Implement Products Purchased!

Making a promise to implement every purchase creates the need to work diligently and maintain my work schedule. Products that fit within my plan are intended to meet a need or solve a problem that I encounter often. Without my business strategy, I would not be able to choose products that must be installed and used on a regular basis. Commitment to complete the process creates strain on my weekly workload if I am not careful to finish every project and bring each product to a point where money is made.

Answer Questions with Products!

Business needs are met through products that solve problems and belong to someone who worked hard to devise a real solution. Responses to questions from others must include existing products. Everyone would sell more if the conversations we have each day included referrals to great products. The buyer would have the responsibility to purchase the product and then implement the solution to the original problem. Too many times, we continue to live with problems that cost us time and money.

In Business to Make Money!

Anyone who sets out on a business venture without the intent of earning profit will become frustrated very quickly. Collecting shiny objects from every possible source will drain valuable funds in a matter of weeks. Wise choices include creating a business plan that will set the course for your company. As you take steps forward, you will notice that some products simply do not fit into your plan. Maintaining a list of possible future purchases is helpful for remembering when a product is released again in the near future.

“A company shouldn’t get addicted to being shiny, because shiny doesn’t last.” 
~ Jeff Bezos

How do you avoid collecting those shiny objects?

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