Product Creation is Work!

ant_hotdogYou might read that title and roll your eyes!  I am not certain we talk about this fact enough.  From the standpoint of completing my first product, I can tell you that this business is no different than any other.  Work is required!  Anyone without the tenacity to complete the tasks will walk away without any reward.  No one can make good money without investing the blood, sweat and tears required to make something that is worth having.

System Problems

Countless issues arise when you install software, switch hosting companies and open accounts on websites.  I had forgotten how much time must be included in every project plan to stay on schedule in the midst of countless obstacles.  There is nothing like moving past a problem and making progress once again!  That old rush of adrenaline is still enough to inspire me to keep working!

Software Changes

Most of the videos that have been created to teach me to use each process are outdated.  Web developers love to rearrange screens to distract everyone.  Functions are removed from new versions of software.  That was once a no-no in the software world.  Constant frustration with what is no longer true could have stopped me cold.  Seriously!  I don’t need the constant frustration.  Or . . . do I?

Lack of Knowledge

Changes are innumerable in this business.  My love of learning is challenged by the number of hours in the day.  I am always amazed when I discover the answer to 50 questions within the same afternoon.  Discovery is an enormous motivating factor for me.  I will continue to work with something until I solve the problem or can’t see straight any longer.  Learning makes all the work worthwhile.

Anyone who believes that product creation is simple might want to actually complete a product first.  Working through this list of challenges will either make you or break you.  Work has always been fun for me when I get to choose my colleagues and avoid the politics of traditional business.  I think I will stay this course and see how it turns out!

How have you handled the surprising amount of work associated with owning your own business?

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— Mialei

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