Problems Are Puzzles

puzzle_asstI recently ventured into Internet Marketing without really understanding the vast possibilities of this business.  My first attempt at selling is something that I recognized as a copywriter.  The same topics sell over and over again.  Within a few weeks, I realized that I had not created a foundation for my new venture.

Some research revealed that I had an insurmountable problem.  Lists of tasks were not going to provide the momentum that is required to reach out to people and have them respond in kind.  I had been conversing with John Thornhill on a monthly phone call.  He provided guidance for my questions and enabled me to complete individual tasks.

As I turned the problem of my flailing business over in my mind, I discovered that the better approach was to take John’s Master Class.  All of the pieces had to fit together to avoid falling into the 95 percent of people who never succeed in Internet Marketing.  Here we are in Week 2 of the course, and the problem has evolved into a puzzle that I can actually solve.

Problems can never become defeating obstacles.  As long as I remember that problems are puzzles, I have the right attitude about parsing them into solvable pieces.  Everyone needs mentors to emulate.  I have met some people who taught me how not to do things, how not to respond to people.

How are you handling the problems in your business?

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— Mialei

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