Other People Make a Difference

dollsGreat stories are an excellent source of inspiration for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.  Biographies of the most successful people in history provide insight for the rest of us when we are uncertain of our next steps.  One such story is the life story of Walt Disney.  Each biographer found that the people with whom Walt Disney associated made all the difference in his world-shaking success.  His brother, Roy Disney, was instrumental in managing the business so that Walt could focus all of his energy on the creative aspects of Disney films, merchandise and theme parks.

Have you found your “Roy Disney”?  Few people possess the expertise to necessary to address every aspect of business and life.  Consider the ways in which other people could enhance your success.

  • Financial management – Some people have a knack for making money decisions that make every dollar stretch further.  Spenders are unaware of the techniques available to reduce waste and reach long-term goals.
  • Customer support – Answering the same question multiple times can consume your work hours and make you unproductive.  There are people available to fill this need so you can focus on the revenue-generating portion of your business.
  • Expertise for growth – Businesses require steady guidance at the appropriate points in time to optimize resources and opportunities.  Experts are available to guide your operation through to the next level.
  • Home maintenance – Busy people should never tolerate living with unresolved issues at home because the time is not available to perform basic chores.  Local maintenance services can be far less expensive than problems at home.
  • Routine chores – Cleaning and cooking can be provided through some remarkable people who seem to be born for these chores that drive most of use crazy.  Money is not always the only way to acquire this assistance.

Each of these areas requires a great deal of your time.  Consider the ways in which you can acquire assistance in one of these areas before the New Year begins.  Money is not the only resource you can provide to someone who assists you.  Ask some of your friends and colleagues for suggestions to solve your greatest challenges.  Your business might be more enjoyable with someone to walk along side to help you make a difference.

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