Overcoming Procrastination

rock_climbingFew people are able to avoid procrastinating in every aspect of life.  Work, home, relationships and problems of all types present barriers that must be moved.  Overcoming procrastination requires a series of steps that must be followed intentionally to learn the skills necessary to move forward.

1.  Recognize the problem – Your ability to see the situation honestly is essential for overcoming procrastination.  Other people will notice when you are avoiding something that you do not want to do.  Your procrastination habit will not change until you admit that you avoid certain tasks and situations.

2. Identify your emotions – Resentment, fear and confusion are common emotions that undermine your ability to complete important tasks and endure uncomfortable situations.  Your mind will churn on vague emotions without finding a productive point of focus.  This activity can last for days if you do not take ownership of, and control over your emotions.

3.  Find your next step – Tasks require a series of steps that must be identified before you can get started in a productive direction.  New responsibilities pose the most common opportunities to procrastinate your next action.  Unknown steps will come into focus with some thought and research.

4.  Make some mistakes – Too often, we believe that our first attempt at anything must be free from challenges and issues.  Somewhere along the way, we have been programmed to avoid anything that looks like a mistake.  You will learn more quickly through correcting mistakes than if everything is easy.

Overcoming procrastination requires thought.  Complacency develops when your surroundings and responsibilities remain constant for an extended period of time.  Take control of your life and stop procrastinating today by following these four simple steps.

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— Mialei

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