Organize Research Material

Organize Research MaterialOnline research can seem overwhelming if you have never attempted to gather a broad array of information from various sources and then organize research material to include the most important findings.  Your research will be easier when you use the tools at hand to keep track of your progress.  As you work through search results for your main keyword, you will want to open a new browser window for each source.  You can close the windows if you decide not to use the material.

Follow the path that appears as you conduct multiple searches for your main topic.

Highest Level First

Open your favorite search engine and enter your main topic.  As you review the results, you will want to look for trusted sources.  You can select any interesting document on the list and open it in a new window.  Read the text with the intention of filling your mind with information you can use later.  You might want to use this document, but you might want to close it and move to the next one in your search results.

Research will reveal the terms and keywords that are popular in your subject area.  You will begin to notice common points that you will want to include.  Sometimes you will want to use the same terms, but at other times you will know even better words.  Make changes to the terms and do more searches for more detailed information.  Your search continues as you reveal main topics and supporting points.

Order Drives Transitions

As you read other documents and various source materials, you will want to take note of the order that each article follows.  Whenever you notice paragraphs that are out of order, you will want to change that order to be logical for your readers.  Transitions between your paragraphs will develop smoothly if the order of your piece is logical for the topic.  You can improve on any existing article if you will notice what does not work for you as a reader.

Never Copy Someone's WorkYou will want to be sensitive to the wording of articles and make certain that you are able to write without copying anyone’s work.  Your ability to find other ways to present the same topic is essential when you want to avoid plagiarism.  Site all of your sources to be certain that you are not taking credit for another author’s work.


Use Copy and Paste

A two-column table is an excellent tool for organizing your research material before you begin writing.  Insert the best points from your material in the left-hand column of your table.  Your outline serves as the framework for your writing, which will be based on your research material.  If you want to learn more about this, I use this technique in 6-Hour eBook.  You will never go looking for that important fact or paragraph when you gather your research into your outline.

Reorder Easily

Electronic editing tools are great for organizing and reordering your materials.  You will want to use something that allows you to keep track of your work easily.  My personal favorite has become a flexible text editor.  I will format my final project in the online editor when I finish writing.  Your favorite editor should allow you to move text and change the order of your document very easily.

Imagine how much better your writing will be when you know how to research any topic.

Remember to continue to research until you have enough material
to support your ideas and assumptions.

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