Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow

dead-fishAs with many industries where people work independently, the success rate in Internet marketing is an abysmal 3-5 percent. In recent months, I have been watching closely to ensure that I fall within that very narrow margin. Every day offers another opportunity to discover new ways to succeed. I want to find the avenues that are working for people who are in the top ONE percent. My discoveries have challenged me to notice that fish are dying all around me. If I am not careful, I will be swept up in the currents that are causing others to become discouraged and give up completely.

Have you considered the ways in which you might just be a dead fish?

Maybe You Collect “Shiny Objects”

I hear people talk about “curing” their severe case of “shiny object syndrome.” My objective has always been to find the absolute best products on the market today and implement every single one in my business. Maybe one aspect of avoiding the traps associated with the buying hype has to do with personality. I never considered myself a skeptic, but I do know that buying every product that comes along is not wise. Time is the greatest limitation when we make that purchase. How many purchases have you made and never downloaded the files or created your account for the members’ area? Those shiny objects are the “hooks” that kill fish and short-circuit the pathway to success.

Keeping Your Word Matters

Business requires the ability to follow through on every commitment. My professional experience engrained the importance of doing what I said I was going to do. Working closely with customers is one of the most challenging aspects of owning a business. They have high expectations and harbor fears of losing money because the seller is a cheat. Rapid responses to a customer’s inquiry can win life-time loyalty. Their happiness is translated into referrals. Many customers never expect you to follow-up with them or care if they are successful with your products.

Another aspect of integrity is to the people who are in the same stage of learning. Maybe I can only sell 10 copies of a product during a launch, but imagine how that seller feels because I stayed in there the whole way. I learn from those amazing sellers as they adjust sales pages and change email wording to reach as many people as possible. Starting at the very beginning has taught me to stay the course and use the methods that work for those high-flyers.

Work Toward Specific Goals

From the outset of my online venture, I have noticed that certain projects are completely un-inspiring to me. I won’t name the list because I do not want to discourage, or affect the success of, anyone else. I have changed course and discovered the ways in which my talents can be used to develop my own business strategy. Going with the flow lacks the mental challenge that has always made me passionate about business.

Break Out of the Current And Swim Away!

I would encourage anyone who is running into daily obstacles and lack-luster results to take the time to adjust your course. Look seriously at the frustrating aspects of your day and decide what is simply not working. Following the business plan set forth by another person is not the best way to find your niche and create a new reality for your life. You must acknowledge where your venture is falling short of your expectations. Reach out to people who can help you to develop a business strategy that is exciting and new every morning. I am most grateful to the people who will walk through this journey with me and challenge me to be the best I can be!

“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.”
~ Byron Dorgan

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