Looking Forward With Anticipation

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On the threshold of a new year, people tend to “restart!”  I am not certain what to select as a “resolution.”  I attempt to make changes throughout each year when frustrations arise and progress stalls.  Since I started this business in October, the logical step is to find radical success through the training program that is before me.

Other areas to consider:

  • Associations – Working with great people requires discernment to determine who is willing to work hard and who wants to ride the wake.  From my current position, the giving portion of this business is out of reach.  How will I correct the imbalance?
  • Personal growth – My greatest challenge is to read the material, watch the videos and apply all that I have learned.  Staying focused will be the greatest obstacle to success.  There are not enough hours in the day to chase every rabbit down the proverbial path.
  • Relationships – Improved relationships will require time, which is going to become scarce in the beginning of this year.  How will I adjust once that first information product goes live?
  • Finances – Working for pennies has to stop.  I have more skills than the cheap client is willing to purchase.  A balance must be struck between providing assistance and opening the door to every request.

I am learning that Internet marketing is an interesting beast because success requires interaction with dozens of people.  A situation arose this morning that bears some consideration.  Maybe the time has arrived for all of us to consider the questions we are asking.

  • A painter expects to be paid for painting.
  • An attorney will be paid for his legal services.
  • The man who shovels snow will send a bill.

Information products are not as tangible as these services that support our lives.  My questions this year must be focused on finding products and services that will answer my questions.  None of the products, or answers, are “free.”  Someone has invested countless hours of effort to share experiences and develop helpful materials and achieve personal success.  Am I willing to walk the same rough road to achieve similar results?

In response, maybe more of the experienced people should be replying with links to great products in their repertoire.  Sales pages provide sufficient insight to know that the answer lies within.  Most of these great products are affordable.  Investment of time to learn and apply is the responsibility of the seeker.

Experts with the answers are running a business just like that painter, attorney and snow removal expert.  Someday, I will be on the other side, and I must remember to refer to this post.  I would like to say that I am looking forward to having the problem.  The truth is that I am afraid of that level of success.

How do you handle those requests for assistance in your information-based business?

Leave a comment and join the conversation.

Happy New Year!

— Mialei


  • Hi Mialei and Happy New Year!

    I know the sheer volume of work that could be done in the beginning stages of a business can be quite overwhelming… So as somebody who has been through that, up and down the roller coaster and am coming out the other side perhaps I may be able to help at least a little?

    The first thing is forget everything that you have learned and become competent in and check inside and with others that you trust to see what are your true talents and natural strengths. You might find it helpful to refer to these brief Talent Dynamics profile descriptions:

    Lots of new learnings and approaches to business and marketing can seem exciting at first – what is really key is to create a business for yourself where you get to spend as much of your time in Flow as possible. This is where you’re adding value with your natural strengths, you are walking down your path of least resistance and overcoming obstacles like a river flows round a boulder in it’s way…

    You may wish to pursue a business that focuses on activities that fall within your areas of weakness – if this is your passion then ensure that you get to build a team and delegate as much of those activities as possible.

    Being in flow is not just about having fun and adding value, it’s also about avoiding stress and burnout.

    You mention staying focused as being your biggest challenge – I can relate! LOL

    What has really helped though is building a business around my strengths and passions. For instance, I’ve decided to reduce online marketing activities apart from some social networking for the moment because it just requires too much of an analytical nature that just isn’t me.

    Instead, I’m building up momentum through conversations with people, speaking, networking and blog videos because this is where MY strengths lie. In the future I will outsource those other activities.

    Anyway, I trust this has been a helpful comment and give me a shout if you’d like to discuss it further.
    Una Doyle recently posted…Small Business Plan: Does a ‘Lack of Time’ get in your way of your business development?My Profile

  • Hi Mialei, you may not know it but I do admire your courage and proactive actions in making things happen. You are a deep thinker. “It takes a seeker to recognize a seeker.” This is the realization I got through your post. And I really like the tagline you hv here. ‘Find a need, fill a need’, beautiful. And it very much aligns with this post! Go forth, and make the difference. To your Abundance, Sandy 🙂
    Sandy recently posted…Why I Start a Happiness and Gratitude JarMy Profile

  • Mialei Iske

    Thanks, Sandy, throughout my career, I have used dates as starting points for the future. This year has great potential because of the people I have met. I just hope to provide some assistance to them along the journey. All the best to you this year!

    — Mialei

  • Mialei Iske

    Hi, Una,

    I have learned that working on my weaknesses is exhausting. Internet Marketing is an enormous venture that will stretch me to leverage all of my strengths, which include working with other people. I look forward to getting to know some great people.

    All the best to you in the new year!
    — Mialei

  • Joy

    Hi Mialei,

    Thanks for an interesting post – so much I can relate to!

    The first comment that struck me was your feeling that “the giving portion of this business is out of reach.” In some ways it may be, but not in all aspects.

    Maybe you’re feeling that your technical skills aren’t enough to “give”? Well none of us were born WordPress experts. We’re all learning as we go along, and any blogger worth knowing will remember what it was like to make that first tentative post and wonder what on earth a widget is – or whatever.

    As your experience grows so will your confidence – and you’ll be able to contribute by sharing that knowledge, probably to the next people doing John’s course! You already know more than people who haven’t even started yet.

    Many of us still look in awe at other bloggers far more technically competent than we are – for instance Enstine Muki, who to me, is a technical genius. Within our group: Jan Kearney.

    Outside our group I see bloggers with huge followings, making long and interesting posts and with streams of fans and followers. I won’t mention any names for fear of missing one out. They’re streets ahead of me.

    Yet when I tiptoed nervously to their blogs and started commenting they welcomed me, and by reading their blogs I have learned so much.

    Every so often there is someone that I can help too, repaying the generosity of those who are ahead of me and still help me.

    That will happen for you too. If not in the technical aspects of blogging, you will “give” with interesting articles from your own life experience. So today you have written a good and thought-provoking article that we can comment on. That’s the prime purpose of being a blogger 🙂

    The other point that struck me, and one I’m wrestling with at the moment, is the question of pricing for services. I have no answers, but you’re right, talents need to be paid for.

    I know people who will pay over $700 for a hair cut, but for me that would be totally out of the question – even if I could afford it.

    When you have the answer to that mystery – please let me know.

    Please don’t get me started on how to find enough hours in the day!!

    I’ve already wittered on too long 🙂

    Catch up soon,

    Joy recently posted…Case Study In Finding Blog VisitorsMy Profile

  • Mialei Iske


    Thanks for your comment. This week, my discovery has been the difficulty in reaching people who I could help. The mystery at hand is the desire to join a group, but then not participate. Then, wonder why this is difficult. I have encountered so many great people who will answer a question or offer guidance. My interaction in these groups has saved me. So, how will people find me in the ways I can help, if they remain observers? I don’t understand.

    — Mialei

  • People will find you if you continue doing what you are doing – you are doing everything right.

    Look at the contacts you have already made and the business you have already secured in such a short time.

    Please carry on building relationships. Never tout your services in groups on Facebook – be helpful and informative and don’t think about the sales.They will come if you don’t chase them.
    I know that is difficult when we need the money but believe me chasing money does not work.

    It takes just one sales post placed somewhere it shouldn’t be, and you will immediately alienate many people who will then avoid you because – guess what? People don’t like to be sold to.

    So be social and be elegant about your sales messages and you will do great – I know you will, I can tell!
    Sue Worthington recently posted…Do You Have A Plan For Social Media for 2015 – Part 1My Profile

  • Mialei Iske

    Hi, Sue,

    I once heard it said, “people love to buy, but they hate to be sold.” Communication is the key to what we do. Reaching out to others is not to take what I want from someone else. Relationships grow through natural interaction. Maybe I have something to offer and I don’t even know it. Asking questions is one of the best ways to find someone to walk alongside.

    The journey has been great so far!

    Thanks for coming alongside!
    — Mialei

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