Internet Research Tips

Internet Research TipsIf you are going to be a great writer, you will want to have sufficient knowledge of your topic and that requires Internet research.  You might want to write about a topic that has never crossed your path before.  Believe it or not, you will be able to write about the unknown if you will master some basic research techniques.  Writers must be able to find enough information to support and then defend the words written on the page.  Readers enjoy reading well-researched pieces that present unique and original thoughts.

Online Internet research brings reams of information to your fingertips.

Search Terms

Some topics are easy to research because the keywords are easy to identify.  In these cases, you will want to determine your main topic and be certain that you have enough supporting information to complete your piece.

  1.  Main topic – You might select a main topic that is too large or too small for the piece you want to write.  The only way to know is to conduct some preliminary Internet research.  On the other hand, your original idea might be a subtopic for a better subject.  As you begin your research, you will want to watch for unique angles and ideas that will attract more readers.  If necessary, change your main keyword to find the information you want to present.
  2.  Supporting terms – You might be unfamiliar with the subtopics for your main subject.  In this instance, you can use a keyword planner to offer more suggestions of popular keywords.  Being found on the internet is simply a matter of using the most popular words in your written text.  Place your writing in the path of people looking for your topic.
  3.  Opposing ideas – As you investigate your topic, you will run across different ideas and entire documents that present other thoughts and ideas.  Your writing will have more depth when you present some of these topics for your reader.  Organization is essential to convey your thoughts in a logical sequence.  Maybe you will reserve an entire section of your piece for the opposing perspective.

Change Directions

Internet Research Tricks


Most writers have ideas about the subject that will dominate the piece.  Surprisingly, research can take your thoughts in a different, unexpected direction.  When this happens, you are in for an amazing adventure.

Too many people will struggle against the facts and refuse to remember some important research maxims:

  • Findings guide content – Research precedes the creation of the outline that will guide your writing.  An outline written before conducting research runs the risk of being inaccurate and rigid.  Your research provides the basis for your outline and you will save time in the writing phase.
  • Research builds your case – The complexity of your topic will guide the depth of the research required to support or disprove your subject.  Imagine yourself as an investigator when you set out to research any topic.  You will have some initial ideas and thoughts, but your research must be conducted like an investigation.
  • Change your mind when necessary – Your willingness to follow the trails set forth in the research material is essential for your writing.  At times, you will have to start over entirely because you discover countless avenues that you can take through the material.  You will want to gather many sources and decipher the facts and separate the portions that do not apply to your subject.

Follow the Topic

Some subjects require more research because of the people who are interested in reading about the topic.  Your investigative skills will be evident when you match the research sources to the subject you have chosen to write about.  As you begin your research, you will want to consider some important factors:

  •  LSI keywords – Related terms are commonly associated with your topic.  Your first task is to identify those words that people will use in their online searches.  Search engines rank your pieces higher when you use those words in headings, images and emphasized text.  You will want to select enough related terms to make your piece readable.
  • Sources – As you read through the search results during your research phase, you will want to evaluate which sources are applicable to your topic.  Your ability to find the  most trusted sources will enhance the credibility of your writing.  Some sources are not trusted and should be avoided if you want to convince your readers that you are an expert on the topic.
  • Authority sites – Government, education and scientific sites are considered original sourcs for many of the topics that people want to read about.  As you research your topic, you will glean a great deal of information from different sites.  You can keep track of your progress if you open new tabs for the documents that you want to use in your writing.

Research Until You Learn

Anyone who starts to research a topic for the first time will have some questions about how long to continue the research process.  The best rule of thumb is to continue to research your topic and the supporting points until you have made some new discoveries.  Your writing will take on new depth when you broaden your horizons in your investigation of the subject.

Have you ever taken a new topic through this process and made significant discoveries as you researched new sources?

How much easier is writing because of your research?

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