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film_stripAs the world’s most critical student, I endure very few training videos from beginning to end.  Creating effective training materials is a fine art that separates the masters from the crowd.  Students will flock to your videos if you will follow some basic tenets before you turn on the camera.

  1. Course outline – A complete plan for your training course must be developed before you begin to write the course materials.  Your videos will flow in perfect sequence if you know that all of the important material has been covered.  Refuse to skip this step in the quest to get finished quickly.  The quality of your product rests on the course outline.
  2. Video script – Every video in your training package must be accompanied by a complete script to provide guidance for the speaker.  Rambling through your course material causes your student to lose interest.  Each word must have a specific purpose to convey meaning to your audience.  Strong starts and finishes ensure that you will not waste one second of your student’s valuable time.
  3. Practice, practice, practice – Imagine your favorite orator stepping in front of thousands of people in a live audience, complemented by millions more on television, and speaking spontaneously.  The teleprompter came into existence to ensure that every word was spoken with meaning.  Your videos will shine if you speak clearly and convey your knowledge about your subject.
  4. Faux students – Enlist the help of people who will watch your videos before the release and provide honest critiques.  The person who always agrees with you, such as your mother, is probably not the best candidate for this role.  Find the person who will tell you that you are the most boring speaker on the planet.
  5. Watch your video – Spend time watching your videos with an objective mindset.  Be critical of every aspect of your production.  Take notes about the audio, the logical progression and the ways in which the video could be improved.
  6. Edit the video – Use a video editing software to remove any mistakes, coughs, “uh’s” and other distractions from your video.  Be honest with yourself about the possibility that your students might stop in the middle and never come back.
  7. Make changes – Take the time to remake videos that are not up to the standard.  Your students will thank you for the attention to detail you invest in product quality.

Consider the cost of poor-quality training videos in the life of your business.  The first product you create can set the course for your business.  Great videos will draw people back for your next product release.  Your students will provide helpful feedback if you listen to their comments about your training programs.  Accept each comment as the invaluable instruction offered to improve your training videos.

What experiences have you had with producing training videos?  Do people love your products?

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— Mialei


  • Hi Mialei

    Excellent tips for video production.

    I’m afraid my harshest critic of my videos is ME – and so far they’ve all gone into the recycle bin, never to see the light of day again LOL

    Perhaps one day…..

    If so, I shall know where to come for some great tips.

    Joy Healey recently posted…Build A Blog To Build A BusinessMy Profile

  • Hi Mialei,

    Well written post. And, an excellent overview of the video production process. Good job.

    As I have a face only fit for radio, I’m afraid I don’t have any war stories to share.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…Do Senior Citizens Take Too Many Prescription MedicinesMy Profile

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