Flexibility Saved the Day

work_anywhereOver the past 19 days, the ability to work from anywhere at any time has made all the difference in my business.  Following the auto accident involving my parents, very little of my daily routine remained unaffected.  I knew that attempting to maintain the status quo would cause a battle for time that was unnecessary.  I decided to be flexible in many different areas that brought about some progress.


Many large buildings, including medical facilities, have wifi networks that support work in the lobby or the confines of a patient’s room.  Access to the Internet provides a way to continue to make progress against the odds.  Travel anywhere is possible when we think ahead and possess the tools we need to be productive while we are away from the home office.

Knowledge about the tools is an important part of completing tasks.  Use of the how-to documents and videos on the Internet provides answers to my questions without interruption.  Every question can be answered when I want to work without needing to ask another person.


Smaller segments of time were available to complete the pieces of my product.  At first, I wondered how I would complete the work required to prepare for the launch of my first product.  My task list was essential for my work because I had to start and stop constantly.  Interruptions are normal when people enter and exit and call on the phone throughout the day.  I found that late afternoon was the best time to delve into those tasks that required some concentration.


We all talk about the ability to work from virtually anywhere.  I found the need to access the same documents, emails and websites from my home office and anywhere else.  Maybe those central repositories are great for protecting our work against loss, but they are also excellent ways to find what we need wherever we work.  Multiple computers create the need for finding the most current document at the moment it’s needed.

Surprising Discovery

Maybe the most important factor in working through the most recent family event was the acceptance from other people.  Staring at a computer screen is not out of the ordinary anymore.  Even in the most obscure places, people are no longer surprised to find someone working online.  Keeping in touch with family and friends was easier, too.

Sometimes returning to “normal” is the most challenging part of life’s challenges.  I thought it would be easy to go back to having my time to work throughout the day.  I have to remember to get more done each day since I have more time.  The temptation to waste time is the greatest threat to continuing my progress.

What is your experience with working from virtually anywhere?

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— Mialei


  • Nice post on a challenging situation. Wishing your parents a speedy recovery.

  • Hi Mialei

    So sorry to hear about your parents and I hope they are making a recovery.

    I had a similar experience last autumn when I had to spend time staying at my parents and they didn’t even have Internet access!

    I persuaded them to get Internet and got myself a dongle for the intervening period.

    I use a free DropBox account to store files I might need from my main computer and checked that my online password manager was up-to-date.

    My son (who is very technical) arranged for me to be able to login to clients’ sites while I was away, and also to access my desktop computer from my laptop.

    I also arranged for some automation of my Facebook posts with PostPlanner and Buffer.

    It was stressful at the time, but well worth the effort in the end.

    Have a great week, Joy

  • Mialei Iske

    Hi, Bill,

    The past three weeks have been challenging in some surprising ways. I just never wanted “one of those calls!” Friends and family have come out of the woodwork. I have found resources in places that I didn’t know they existed. People are truly amazing in situations like this. Also, I have learned the importance of making time for others when they are going through similar challenges.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    — Mialei

  • Mialei Iske

    Hi, Joy,

    Now you know why I seem to have disappeared for a couple of weeks. I am getting back into the details that were not screaming loudly enough. I think aging parents have to be one of the most difficult aspects of life. Change and transitions are more difficult than the injuries and therapy sessions. Stability for them is the highest priority at this point. So, I will be driving that same fateful route every two weeks for a few months.

    Thank you for your encouragement.
    — Mialei

  • Hi Mialei!
    Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls and commitment to family must be the top priority when it does. I wish your parents the best and a very speedy recovery.

    One of the great things working online is the ability to work “anywhere”. I did have a more pleasurable experience of this recently when a friend invited me to visit for a few days. It was short notice – and I didn’t schedule anything (bad of me!)

    Like you I found the fitting work in less time factor to be the main issue – and coming back the temptation to waste time!

    Best wishes to your family and for the two weekly travelling back and too!

  • Mialei Iske

    Hi, Jan,

    I can’t say that there have been zero impacts to my plans since January 28th (the day of the accident). Every delay requires patience to move forward as I can based on the situation. I think accepting that has made some of this easier to endure. I am just glad that I have access to the training videos regardless of the time of day.

    Thank you for your kind words.
    — Mialei

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