Find a Need; Fill a Need

At times, the most relaxing activity is watching one of the many animated feature films available on DVD.  Last weekend, the main feature was the movie “Robots.”  The story line follows a young person as he leaves the nest in search of a more exciting life than that of his parents.  Every character in the film is a robot in some state of disrepair.

As our young adventurer moves into the city, he realizes that life is pretty much life.  Everyone faces challenges and difficulties that require attention and drain our energy.  The antagonist is discovered as he decides that old model robots are unimportant and take up resources.  A real need for refurbished parts arises when robots are no longer able to remain healthy and in working order.  Our protagonist has discovered that his goal in life is to “find a need and fill a need.”

In your life, you see problems that require solutions every day, right?  Our needs at work and at home are based on lack.  Solutions to life’s problems have created entire industries that generate millions of dollars for the person who is first to devise unique approaches to the challenges we face.

Throughout history, individuals have recognized the need for affordable goods and services that have lifted millions of people out of poverty and into a life of comfort and plenty.  Last time you were driving from one city to another, did you pause to think of why those freeways were built?  What was life like before Interstate 40 replaced Route 66, the Mother Road?

Our 21st century conveniences were once unfathomable.  Every appliance, automobile, big box store and mass-produced good was created in response to a need.  Maybe your calling in life is to recognize the simplest need and create the most amazing answer to the challenge.

Your idea might change the lives of millions around the globe.

What are you waiting for?

— Mialei

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