Eat Problems for Breakfast

cerealFor years, I dutifully drove to work with the knots in my stomach that the roof would cave in about an hour after my arrival.  Working in the high-tech industry creates the illusion that we had to be available at all times because customers somewhere might need assistance.  I finally realized that 24×7 support is the greatest marketing ploy ever devised.  Employees are the ones who take the brunt of that idea.

Today, I seek out the issues that are apparent and resolve every one of them as quickly as possible.  I believe that if I eat problems for breakfast, the rest of the day will be easier.  Anticipation is easier when I take control of the situation and refuse to wait for the first problem to arrive.

Addressing some details around the house before I sit down at the computer allows me to focus on the tasks at hand.  My mind is clearer when the dishes are done, the laundry is in the machine and the cats have been fed.  Every detail might not be in perfect order, but problems have been averted.

I have also learned to check the computer long before my anticipated start time.  Windows loves to apply updates and cause me to finish the reboot.  Internet connections might be temperamental.  Software packages decide to update just as I was about to conduct a Skype call.

My approach to the business day has changed dramatically since those days of hoping the team made it to lunch without work stoppages that caused distress.

How are your days progressing when technology seems to present every possible barrier?

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— Mialei


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