Challenge: Solutions Without Spending Money

piggy_bankIn today’s economy, people in all walks of life are discovering new ways to solve problems.  I can remember spending money at every turn because I had so little time to think through situations.  The habit of reaching for a credit card instead of using existing resources has caused many people to rack up insurmountable piles of debt.  Once the high-paying job was gone, I had to learn new problem-solving methods.

I remember the first Christmas after my job evaporated.  My discoveries within the closets and storage areas of my house reminded me of my overspending habits.  I found enough gifts for everyone on my list because I had made so many purchases without unwrapping the product.

Your challenge this Holiday Season, which includes Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, is to find unique answers to challenges that arise without spending money.

Instead of reaching for your wallet, devise unique responses to common situations:

  • Gifts – Create vouchers for the important people in your life to spend time with you.
  • Gatherings – Look for clothes to wear in your closet before deciding to buy that new outfit.
  • Meals – Find simple recipes that taste great when you attend parties and must bring a dish.
  • Repairs – Search YouTube and other internet resources to learn how to repair belongings.
  • Travel – Pack lunch and snacks for the family instead of purchasing food along the route.

Other situations can be addressed without spending money.  Your finances will be healthier when you decide to give more of yourself and reclaim control over your hard-earned money.

What are your ideas for each of the categories mentioned?

Leave a comment and join the conversation.

— Mialei

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