Business Owners Expect Problems

problemsMonday of this week was one of those days that made me wonder why I even got out of bed.  Everything appeared normal as the day started.  The sun was shining and the sky was one of those azure blue jewels.  Frustration mounted as I opened emails working for my first client of the day.  Why does this person not understand that progress is impossible when he leads from behind?

Emotions erupted into rage as I knew that this would not be the last time this particular task would be repeated.  I was right.  Tuesday morning, the same work was completed for the THIRD time.

You would think that 20 years of business experience would have trained me to anticipate days like this.  At times, I would like for the week to fly by without one challenge to my sanity.  I also know that if that happened, I would have been transported to some parallel universe.

Working in any type of business means that work is going to be packed with problems of all sizes, shapes and colors.  I just want to slap some of the problems really hard.  Don’t you?

The entire day proceeds with less frustration when I expect problems to arise throughout the day.  I know that computers look for times when I am tired and not expecting issues.  I can hear those little gremlins laughing at me.  I just remember my motto:  “You have an OFF switch, and I don’t!”

I refuse to lose battles with machines.  So, when all else fails, CLICK!

How do you handle the problems that arise throughout your day?

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— Mialei

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