Meet Mialei

Business Print Consultant


Business Experience

30 Years

Customer Support

Careful attention to details has enabled me to respond to requests and answer questions in a timely manner. 
Superior service is more than just an idea.

25 Years

Business Reporting

Years of completing executive level work assignments taught me how to assemble large quantities of info into usable forms.  Redesign of forms and brochures is based on real experience.

15 years

Freelance Writer & Marketer

Trust is built when communication is clear and timely.  Every project presented new challenges that offered the chance to exceed expectations.  Great clients bring about excellence.

About Me

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with true leaders and professionals who invested in my training and experience.  Every project expanded my skills and revealed best practices I use to fulfill every customer request.  Even when something is new, 
I know that my experience will carry me through to superior results in every endeavor.  


Software Skills - Advanced

Reports & Marketing Materials

Business Writing/Editing

Revision of Existing Content

Graphic Design

Creation & Improvement of Visual Appeal


Writing & Editing 90%
Microsoft Suite 75%
Problem Resolution 95%
Business Presentation & Reporting 85%
Project Coordination 100%


Best Quality Print

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