Maybe the best place to start is an explanation of a name that has a unique origin and is important to share.  Pronounced – My-lee – my name is derived from a Hawaiian flower, which my Dad discovered during his tour on the USS Kearsarge, an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean.  The only reason I have not adopted my middle name (never mind) to make life easier is because of my Dad’s involvement.

Anyway, I was raised in a small town in southern Colorado where winters were long and cold.  I really believed every kid in the world got to explore the Sand Dunes National Monument for one school day each spring.  Life was carefree and emphasized my education and love for music.  Right on schedule, I graduated from high school and proceeded to Colorado State University where I spent four years earning my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a concentration in Computer Information Systems.

My next predictable step was to take a job in corporate America and move across the country to Michigan where my company provided data processing services for a large insurance company.  I dutifully fulfilled my role and proceeded to the second phase of training, right on schedule.  My second major relocation took place within 18 months of the first, and I arrived in Dallas, Texas.  Culture shock can happen inside the boundaries of the United States.  Trust me!

Five years after my national tour began, my Colorado homing signal started to sound.  I took a position I did not want to live closer to family and return to my home state.  Within a few years, my priorities were out of balance, my health was deteriorating and all I did was work.

On September 10, 2001, my career ended in a difference of perspective on the management of a project.  The next morning as airliners flew into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, my mind was still reeling from the previous day’s events.  I felt the anger and frustration of the terrorist attacks, but my personal battles were more real.  Who in the world would attack the United States so blatantly?

In the years that followed, I took jobs that were far beneath my experience even though I was applying for every type of job imaginable.  I finally discovered that my course had to change.  Time had arrived to chart my own course and make money without an employer in my way.  Duty and obligation are no longer the drivers in my life.  You probably learned this lesson much earlier than I did.

Most recently, I was an independent copywriter and frustrated with the lack of money in that game.  Surprisingly, there are entirely too many people clogging up the works with their inability to write a complete sentence.  Without great direct clients, one could starve to death in that game.  I launched a PLR website to offer articles about some of the most popular topics that clients have purchased from me in the past.

Today, I am pursuing Internet Marketing through a structured training program from one of the absolute best successful marketers on the globe.  My goal is someday to be as effective in helping other people to learn and apply concepts in what appears to be a great way to earn the type of living that I want.

My favorite part of this journey is the ability to select great people to be part of my team!

I wish you all the success life can hand you!

— Mialei