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On Your Own -- > Building Your Site is Like Eating an Elephant!

My name is Mialei, and I will never forget the first time I had to build a membership site for my product.  I thought I would know exactly how I wanted the site to look and where to put all of the content.

I stared at that blank screen and wondered what to do next.  I was so lost that I didn't even know what to ask or what I would say in a support ticket.

That very first day - I simply walked away from the computer and did something else for the day.

Was I going to fail at my very first attempt at an epic task that was central to my business?

Have You Ever Tried to Eat An Elephant?

On that first day, I wondered how difficult building a membership site could be.  The truth is that many people, like me, have absolutely no idea where to start.

Sound familiar?

Without some idea of basic site organization, the creation of my first membership site could have spelled disaster.  I knew that my members would expect a great site that offered access to training materials and content.

How was I ever going to address this mammoth task?

  • Where could I find answers to my questions?
  • Was there anywhere to go to just look at another site?
  • How would I move forward without an example of some kind?
  • Has anyone else ever struggled this much just to create a website?

Everyone said, "You can secure your business with a
membership site!"


Great Idea!  Made Sense to Me!
So - Why Did Everyone Vanish When the Work Began?


I Had NO Idea How To Build a Membership Site


What Was I Supposed To Do?

My first membership site stared blankly at me while I wondered what to do with all the content I had gathered.

Where do I put all this stuff?

Why will people want to come in here?

How do I organize each page?


I Knew That Logging a Support Ticket Would
NEVER Answer My Real Question!


I Didn't Know ANYONE to Ask for Help!

I found myself COMPLETELY alone - nowhere to TURN!

I muddled through and built a pretty site that has done very well.

Since that first site, I have joined some other membership sites and met some great people.

Along the way, I have talked to many people who just do NOT know where to start!


Allow me to Introduce to You The Definitive
Way to Build Your Membership Site!


Membership Template Rhapsody

Build your membership site from a set of templates that will create your framework.

Know where to put all of your text, downloads, audios, videos, webinars and supporting pages.

You will know exactly where to begin on every page.

Instead of struggling to create each page from scratch, you will start with a template and complete each element according to the guide.


Included In Membership Template Rhapsody

Checklist & Content Plan

 A Checklist and Content Plan will guide your effort to ensure that you are able to track of your site creation project. Your project be finished in less time because you are confident of the process.  Print both of these guides and use them with the eBook.

These helpful guides ensure that you step through the eBook in the right order of steps.  You will print these sheets before you begin.


PDF eBook

Within the pages of this eBook, you will discover the process required to build your site from the very first step.  I provide guidance that is just like having someone sitting next to you.  This 60-page eBook includes all the information you need to create a site of any size.  Maybe you want to start with a few pages and clone the pages after you finish your site.



That's Right!  The complete templates!

Instead of staring at an empty screen, you will download the templates for the pages you want to build.

Then, just upload those templates to your website.
Insert your content!

You have a new website!


Build Any Website in A Fraction of the Time!

Want to build a 5-page website?    No Problem.

Maybe 50 pages would hold the content on your website.

Just clone the pages, replace the images and fix the links.

No more frustration with a blank screen and a pile of content.


5-Star Reviews


Mark Wightley


Randy Smith & Simon Phillips


John Thornhill


Advantages for You from Membership Template Rhapsody

  • Build a membership site without the struggle
  • Insert the templates for only the pages you need
  • Update one template and clone that page for your content
  • Build FIVE sites in the amount of time you used to build ONE!
  • Know exactly how those "extra pages" are supposed to look

Let Me Tell You A Secret!

Building a membership site is not difficult when you have an example to follow.  Your content will be arranged in a logical order that supports your members.  People will be copying your site to make their own.


Every Piece You Need To Complete Your Membership Site!

Your first attempt to build a membership site will be support when you have the detailed instructions you need to create your content.

Too many people sit down at the computer with no idea what the website should hold.  Maybe you have never thought about the actual process to follow.

You will discover the steps you need to follow to select the templates for each page and insert your content.  The final step is to connect your menus and assign access levels to the content.

Nothing will be withheld from you as I reveal the process I use to build websites.


I REALLY Need Help With My Site - Where do I start, Mialei?


Once you learn to assemble your content and gather your thoughts, you will be able to build an entire website in a few hours.  You won't even pause for lunch.

Your starting point could be this set of templates that will show you exactly where to place your links and images alongside your text.

Anyone who has struggled against their fears and frustrations will save time and energy by downloading the templates and getting started today!


The Past Is Behind You!

All of your previous attempts at creating a functional membership site no longer matter!

Your objective is to find the way to create the site you want without struggling against the unknown.  Discover the simplest way to build your site and organize your content.

Take control of your business success and refuse to give up.


Read Membership Template Rhapsody for 60 days and discover the process I follow to build a website.  Use the templates and make a valiant attempt to build a site according to this process.  After you make your attempt, if you cannot follow the training, visit my support site and ask for a full refund.

The risk is all on me!


By Now, You must be wondering about the price!

  • I want to discover the easiest way to organize my content!
  • I know that my first attempt to build a site shook my confidence.
  • I understand that my purchase today will offer real solutions to my struggles!
  • I know that this course is 100% legitimate!
  • You have made this decision for me because of the 60-day money-back guarantee!
Membership Template Mania

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